Backlighting Solution for CapSense Sensors in Dark Room – KBA227561

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    Translation - Japanese: CapSense 暗い部屋用のバックライティングソリューション - KBA227561 - Community Translated (JA)


    Backlighting is a way of illuminating the touch sensors so that the user can see the functionality of the sensors clearly. The most common technique is to place an LED adjacent to the sensor or to drill a hole in the center of the sensor and mount the LED in the center. See LED Backlight Support in CapSense – KBA221413 for more information.


    However, this technique becomes ineffective when the device is used in a dark or poorly lit room because the bright light from the LED makes it difficult for the user to see the functionality of the sensor clearly. To avoid this, you can use the optical fiber guide-based backlighting technique. You can cut the light guide sheet in the shape you want and use LEDs to illuminate the light guide sheet.


    The advantages of using this technique are:

    1. Visibility in dark rooms
    2. No need to disturb the sensor pattern by drilling holes
    3. LED traces and sensor traces will be separate.

    Note: Cypress Semiconductor does not recommend any particular vendor. You may choose the right vendor based on your requirements.