WiConnect Reference Guide (v2.0.0)

    For the latest documentation please refer to our online guide available at: WiConnect by ACKme | WiConnect Reference Guide


    WiConnect 2.0 provides higher throughput for the AMW004 Wallaby module and now supports the AMW006 Numbat module too. The following new functionality has also been added, along with general improvements and stability enhancements.

    • AMW004 Wallaby module throughput up to 10 Mbit/s, Numbat throughput up to 4 Mbit/s
    • Added a TLS server to provide a secure extension to the existing TCP server functionality
    • Added a UDP server
    • Remote file management is enhanced with the ability to download files from, and upload files to, an HTTP server
    • Configuration files (that contain a list of WiConnect variables) can be saved and reloaded to streamline setup after an OTA upgrade
    • Precise memory management of Tx and Rx network buffers is now possible to allow throughput optimisation for transmit or receive intensive applications
    • Detailed information is now provided to show connected clients, softAP status and full details of network join results
    • Responses to commands, such as the scan or ls command, can now be buffered by WiConnect to enable even the lowest memory host microprocessors to talk to WiConnect


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