CYW89820 Product Guide

Version 9

    This document introduces the CYW89820 ultra-low power dual-mode Bluetooth® 5.0 wireless SoC device for Automotive Applications by exploring both the CYW89820 device architecture along with the development tools to write applications using ModusToolbox Software.  The CYW89820 delivers up to 10.5 dBm Tx power in BLE and BR modes and up to 4 dBm in EDR mode that extends range in applications like Automotive Keyless Entry, Remote Parking, Sensor Control, Wake-up trigger for Telematic units etc.


    The document  lists the available resources which can be used to accelerate development and in-depth learning with the device.





    CYW89820 Datasheet (Preliminary)

    Contact Cypress sales to get access.


    Design Guides and Evaluation Tools

    CYW989820EVB-01 Evaluation Kit

    The Cypress CYW989820EVB-01 Evaluation Kit enables you to evaluate and develop single-chip Bluetooth applications using the CYW89820, an Automotive qualified dual-mode Bluetooth 5.0 wireless SoC device.  The CYW989820EVB-01 is an Arduino compatible evaluation kit that features a 48-WQFN CYW89820 device, on-board programmer, user switches and LEDs, and on-board sensors such as a 9-axis motion sensor, 3D digital angular rate sensor, 3D digital magnetic sensor, and a thermistor.


    The CYW989820EVB-01 Evaluation Kit has limited availability. Contact Cypress sales for availability.


    Software Development Kit and ModusToolbox IDE Application Notes

    WICED Manufacturing Bluetooth Test Tool

    WICED AMS Library

    WICED ANCS Library

    WICED Application Buffer Pools

    WICED Firmware Upgrade Library

    Hardware Debugging for WICED devices

    WICED HCI Control Protocol

    WICED Secure Over-the-Air Firmware Upgrade



    ModusToolbox BT SDK


    Explore ModusToolbox BT SDK Code Examples