Unit of A/D Conversion Error in Traveo S6J3XXX Series and CY9D560 Series MCUs – KBA227498

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    Translation - Japanese: Traveo S6J3XXXシリーズおよびCY9D560シリーズMCUのA/D変換エラーの単位 - KBA227498 - Community Translated (JA)



    In the data sheet, the LSB is used as the unit of A/D conversion error. Why is the LSB used as a unit of error?



    AD conversion error is measured in a unit of the LSB (least significant bit) in the Cypress MCUs. So, AD Conversion error is expressed in LSB units. For example, when converting an input range of 0 V to 5 V with a 10-bit A/D Converter, the voltage per bit is "(1/1024) x 5" [V]. If the error is ± 4LSB, the conversion result of the A/D Converter includes an error of “± 4 × (1/1024) × 5” [V].


    This setting applies to the following series of Traveo MCUs:

    • S6J3110
    • S6J3120
    • S6J3200
    • S6J3300
    • S6J3350
    • S6J3360
    • S6J3370
    • S6J3400
    • S6J3510
    • CY9D560


    The prefix MB of the product has been changed to CY. For instance, MB9D5XX has been changed to CY9D5XX.