Reload Value of 32-bit Reload Timer after Reload Timer Stopped in Traveo S6J3XXX Series MCUs – KBA227520

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    Translation - Japanese: Traveo S6J3XXXシリーズMCUでリロードタイマが停止した後の32ビットリロードタイマのリロード値 – KBA227520 - Community Translated (JA)



    Is the reload value (RLTn_TMRLR register) held after reload timer stopped in the S6J3XXX series?



    Yes. The reload value is held after the reload timer stops. You don’t need to set it again when the reload counter restarts. For more details, refer to 32-bit Reload Timer section in the TRM from the following link:


    S6J3120: S6J3120 Series 32-bit Microcontroller Traveo™ Family Hardware Manual

    S6J3200: 32-Bit Microcontroller Traveo™ Family S6J32XX Series Hardware Manual Platform Part

    S6J3300/3350/3360/3370/3400/3510: 32-Bit Microcontroller Traveo Family S6J33xx, S6J34xx, S6J35xx Series Hardware Manual Platform Part


    This setting applies to the following series of Traveo MCUs:

    • S6J3120
    • S6J3200
    • S6J3300
    • S6J3350
    • S6J3360
    • S6J3370
    • S6J3400