CY_CPU_CORTEX_M0P Not Defined While Editing Files in PSoC Creator 4.2 for PSoC 6 - KBA227424

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    Translation - Japanese: PSoC 6 用に PSoC Creator 4.2 でファイルを編集時 CY_CPU_CORTEX_M0P が定義されていません - KBA227424- Community Translated (JA)



    Why is CY_CPU_CORTEX_M0P not defined while editing firmware or code in PSoC Creator™ 4.2 for PSoC® 6 as shown in Figure 1?

    Figure 1. Undefined CY_CPU_CORTEX_M0P



    When Arm® GCC is used as compiler toolchain, CY_CPU_CORTEX_M4 is defined while CY_CPU_CORTEX_M0P is not defined as shown in Figure 1.


    If you use Arm MDK as compiler toolchain, then e. CY_CPU_CORTEX_M0P will be defined and CY_CPU_CORTEX_M4 will not be defined.


    This is a limitation when files are edited in PSoC Creator. The Inline Code diagnostics feature is unable to associate the code with its corresponding core. By default, either Cortex®-M0+ or Cortex-M4 is active based on the selected compiler toolchain.