PSoC Creator: Invalid Pin Assignment for CapSense External Capacitors – KBA226048

Version 4

    Author: kylek_76            Version: **


    Translation - Japanese: PSoC Creator:CapSenseの外付けコンデンサの無効なピン割り当て– KBA226048 - Community Translated (JA)



    Why does CapSense® not function as expected when the Cmod or Csh pin is assigned to P4[0]?



    When building a design using parts of PSoC® 4100S Plus, PSoC 4100PS, and PSoC Analog Coprocessor families, an incorrect rule in the fitter allows the CMod and Csh pins to be placed at P4[0]. This impacts PSoC Creator™ version 4.2 and earlier.




    When using parts in the affected families, do not use P4[0] for the CapSense Cmod or Csh functions. You can use the pin for other functions.