Cypress Community Tip: Browser Translation Tools

Version 3

    If you are visiting the Cypress Community, you may want to view content in a language other than English. Here are browser settings to help you change the language settings.


    *Please note they will update the language for all sites you visit from that browser not just Cypress Community.


    Google Chrome



    Change the language of your Chrome browser (Windows & Chromebook only)


    You can set Chrome to show all settings and menus in the language you want. This option is only available on Windows and Chromebook computers.


    On Mac or Linux? Chrome will automatically display in the default system language for your computer.


    On your computer, open Chrome.

    At the top right, click More Settings.

    At the bottom, click Advanced.

    Under "Languages," click Language.

    Next to the language you'd like to use, click More .

          • If the language isn't listed, add it by clicking Add languages.

    Click Display Google Chrome in this language or Display Chrome OS in this language.

          • This option is only available on Windows and Chromebook computers.

    Restart Chrome to apply the changes


    Screen shots for your reference:

    google settings pic.jpg



    google settings pic2.jpg





    Mozilla Firefox




    Switch Firefox to another language


    You can switch languages at any time to display Firefox menus, notifications and messages in a different language.


    Click the menu button and choose Options.

    In the Language section of the General panel, choose a language in the drop-down menu.

    Restart Firefox.

    In the Language section of the General panel, click Search for more languages in the drop-down menu.

    Click Select more languages to add and choose the languages you want to add, then click the Add button.

    Use the Move Up and Move Down buttons to change the order or Remove to remove a language from the list.

    Click OK to save your changes.




    Screen shots for your reference:


    Firefox translation settings.jpg



    Have feedback or another browser you would like to see tips for? Post a comment here with your request or recommendation.


    Thank you!


    The Cypress Community Team