Controlling SPI I/O Pins Through Firmware for PSoC 6 MCU Devices - KBA226844

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    Translation - Japanese: PSoC 6 MCUデバイスのファームウェアを介したSPI I/Oピンの制御 - KBA226844 - Community Translated (JA)



    How can the SPI pins (CLK, MOSI, MISO, SS) for PSoC® 6 MCU devices be controlled during runtime in the firmware?



    After placing the SCB_SPI component in TopDesign, you can disable/enable the SPI Master/Slave functionality on the fly. The[HM1] solution provides the steps to control pins in firmware and the code snippet implements the suggested solution using APIs.

    Solution in firmware:

    In general, pins can be controlled by either firmware or hardware. By default, all the SPI I/O pins are controlled by the SCB hardware block; so, it is necessary to disconnect the SPI pins from the SCB block to enable control in firmware.

    Follow these steps to disconnect the hardware connection between SPI I/O pin and SPI SCB and enable control in firmware:

    1. Write 'bit 0' to the bits of HSIOM_PRTx_PORT_SELx register corresponding to SPI I/O pin.
    2. Set the drive mode of the SPI I/O pin by modifying the GPIO_PRTx_CFG register.

    For more details, see the I/O System (HSIOM) in the Architecture Technical Reference Manual and Register Technical Reference Manual. [HM2] You can use the following code snippet to implement the suggested solution using APIs [Consider SPI CLK pin to be P10.2, which is to be controlled in firmware].

    Code snippet:


    // Variable to store the default SCB_SPI configuration settings


    uint32 temp;


    // Variable to store the new drive mode settings required by the application

    // If the drive mode to be set is high impedance, then drive_mode = 0xFFFFF0FF


    uint32 drive_mode;


    // Save the HSIOM configuration for SCB_SPI




    // Configure SPI CLK pin to be controlled in firmware




    // Set the drive mode of SPI CLK pin


    CY_SET_REG32 (GPIO_PRT10_CFG, drive_mode);


    // Load the default SPI functionality (i.e) CLK pin is connected to SCB_SPI hardware block




    All SCB blocks and other peripherals such as TCPWM, could also be controlled in firmware by modifying the HSIOM and drive mode registers.