Output UART Log on S6E1C Series Starter Kit with PDL2.1.0 to Host PC Terminal - KBA226798

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    Translation - Japanese: PDL 2.1.0 を使用して S6E1C シリーズ スタータ キットの URART ログを ホストPC のターミナルに出力する - KBA226798 - Community Translated (JA)



    How do I output the UART log on the S6E1C series Starter Kit with PDL 2.1.0 to Host PC Terminal?



    The SOT1_1 and SIN1_1 pin are connected to the S6E1C3 microcontroller pins SIN0_1 and SOT0_1 respectively on the Starter Kit, which enables the UART communication between the S6E1C3 microcontroller and CMSIS-DAP port.


    However, the UART TX port of the MCU is configured as SOT0_0 in PDL 2.1.0 (…\PDL\2.1.0\utilities\printf_scanf\uart_io.c). Therefore, the following modification is needed for the S6E1C series Starter Kit.


    File: …\PDL\2.1.0\utilities\printf_scanf\uart_io.c

    Function: void Uart_Io_Init(void)



    - SetPinFunc_SOT0_0();   

    + SetPinFunc_SOT0_1();   

    Mfs_Uart_EnableFunc(UartCh, UartTx);



    See the following for more information:

    FM0-64L-S6E1C3 - Arm® Cortex®-M0+ MCU Starter Kit with USB and Digital Audio Interface

    Peripheral Driver Library (PDL)