Cypress Community Tip: How to Ask a Question

There are two primary ways to ask questions in the Cypress Community.


Make sure you are logged into the Cypress Community. If you are logged in you will see your name and Avatar on the right-hand side of the page.


tip how to ask question a.png


On all discussion areas you will see an Actions drop down button in the middle of page and the full Actions menu on the right hand side.


Select Start a Discussion

tip how to ask a question b.png

Fill out the details


  • Title
  • Text field
  • Tags (optional)


*The system automatically selects the Mark this discussion as a Question button. If you are sharing information and don’t necessarily need a correct answer, then deselect this. Points are awarded differently for questions vs. normal discussions.



Select the Post Button

tip how to ask a question c.png



After your question is posted you may update it at any time using the Actions menu


  • Edit
  • Lock
  • Move
  • Delete


tip how to ask a question d.png


We discourage deleting threads and questions because they are valuable to other community members and our team. If other members post responses they may lose points if you delete the content.




Thank you!


The Cypress Community Team