CR Trimming Data in S6E1C1/C3 Series is Erased by Erasing SA0 with Sector Erase Command - KBA226781

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    Translation - Japanese: S6E1C1/C3シリーズのCRトリミングデータは、セクター消去コマンドでSA0を消去すると消去されます - KBA226781 - Community Translated (JA)



    Why is CR Trimming data in S6E1C1/C3 Series 32-Bit MCU (FM0+ Family) erased when SA0 is erased with Sector Erase Command?



    This is because the 16-byte area from “0x0010_0000” to “0x0010_0010” is synchronized with SA0, and CR trimming data is allocated in this 16-byte area (mapped at the address “0x0010_0004”). Therefore, if Sector Erase Command is executed against SA0, CR trimming data is erased.


    Here is an example of Address and Sector Structure of 64 Kbyte Flash Memory in S6E1C/C3 Series.