Data Commit in AUTOIN Mode of FX2LP when Device Goes into Suspend - KBA226704

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    Author: SananyaM_56           Version: **


    Translation - Japanese: デバイスがサスペンドになったときにFX2LPのAUTOINモードでデータがコミットされる - KBA226704 - Community Translated (JA)



    How do we commit the data received from external master to the USB domain if FX2LP goes into suspend?



    When FX2LP is configured in Slave FIFO mode with IFCLK being driven by an external Master, data won’t be automatically committed if the device goes into Suspend state. Asserting the WAKEUP pin to bring the device to active state also won’t commit the data which is already present in the FIFO.


    To avoid this condition, the Suspend interrupt in the firmware should be used to set a GPIO which can be used to indicate the device state to the Master. The Master should monitor this GPIO before sending any data. If found that the device is in Suspend state, the Master should assert the WAKEUP pin and make sure that the device is active before sending any data.