Which Version of J-Link Driver is Compatible with PSoC 6 - KBA226569

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    Translation - Japanese: PSoC 6と互換性のあるJ-Linkドライバのバージョン - KBA226569 - Community translated (JP)



    Which version of J-Link Driver is compatible with PSoC 6?



    If you have an older version of SEGGER J-Link driver which is not compatible with PSoC 6, then the IDCODE (see Figure 1) will be absent while configuring the SEGGER J-Link for program/debug.


    Figure 1. J-Link Driver Setup


    This issue does not occur while programming/debugging PSoC 6 using the SEGGER J-Link, if you update the J-Link driver to V6.34g or later from SEGGER J-Link Software Download.