Sharing Community Code - Best Practices

Version 13

    We appreciate for your continued interest with Cypress Products !

    Thanks for choosing to share your code example with the community !

    Code is the lifeline for any embedded system and sharing your code means a lot for our community !


    Below are few simple steps to start sharing your code example


    Make sure you are logged into the Cypress Community. If you are logged in you will see your name and Avatar on the right-hand side of the page.



    Click on SHARE CODE from the menu in the right hand side of the page



    Enter the details in the Code Example Upload Form as below




    1. Title of the CE - Precise and clear titles help users to understand the code example quickly


    2. Description - the below details in the description can help the community to get started with your CE quickly


    Summary - Quick overview of the function performed by the code example


    Hardware Required - Hardware required for this code example


    Software Required - Software required for this code example to build / program the code


    Firmware Details - compiler used


    Snapshots / Scope shots / Schematics / Block Diagram if applicable


    Hardware Connections required to run the code example if applicable


    External Links - for external code repositories like GitHub or Bit Bucket etc..


    Please provide a GitHub link for this code example from your personal repository if available.

    Cypress will fork your code example to its Community Code Example repository in Cypress’s official GitHub page -


    3. Attach files


    Attach all the relevant files (project, documentation, readme, datasheets, etc..)


    PRO tip from  @/odissey1 for PSoC Creator users to upload smaller project zip files


    (1) Buid -> Clean (this will strip temp files)

    (2) Select project name -> File -> Create Workspace Bundle -> minimal. (this will create project archive *.zip).

    (3) Open created archive and delete huge folder Generated Source (it will re-generate itself on next build). The resulting archive will be 10-20x smaller


    4. Tags - Right Tags helps users to search and find your code example quickly


    5. Categories - classifies the project in the right product category for users to sort and find the code example quickly


    6. Last, but not the least, Don't forget to click on the Post tab to make your code available for the community.


    Thanks for sharing your code example with the community!