Two Interrupt Processing with 16-bit Free-run Timer in Traveo CY9D560 Series MCUs - KBA226512

Version 3

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    Translation - Japanese: Traveo CY9D560シリーズMCUの16ビットフリーランタイマーによる2つの割り込み処理 - KBA226512 - Community Translated (JA)



    Can I use both "0 detection interrupt" and "compare clear interrupt" with 16-bit Free-run Timer in Traveo™ CY9D560 series MCUs?



    Yes. To use both interrupts, check the active status using the Timer State Control Register (FRT16Bxx_TCCS). For details on FRT16Bxx_TCCS register, see the "16-bit Free-run Timer" section in CY9D560 Series 32-bit Microcontroller Traveo™ Family Hardware Manual.



    Product prefix "MB" has been changed to "CY". For instance, MB9D560 has been changed CY9D560.