BLE ECO Clock Configuration Does Not Take Effect When BLE is Used – KBA226454

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    Author: NazarP_56           Version: **


    Translation - Japanese: BLE ECOクロック設定がBLEを使用すると有効にならない – KBA226454 - Community Translated (JA)



    When the BLE middleware is used in ModusToolbox 1.0, the configuration of the BLE ECO clock in the device configurator has no effect and the firmware configures the BLE ECO clock to operate with default parameters: ECO Frequency: 32 MHz, divider: 4 MHz, start time: 785 us, load cap: 9.9 pА.




    An issue in the BLE middleware is causing the BLE ECO clock to be reset to default parameters, during the BLE initialization. The BLE ECO clock can still be configured and used with non-default parameters in the projects without BLE middleware.

    The issue will be addressed in the ModusToolbox 1.1.



    STEP 1. In your application, call Cy_BLE_EcoReset() before calling init_cycfg_platform() function. It should be done in the application where BLE controller is running (CM0p core if BLE is running in dual-core mode, CM4 core if BLE is running in single-core mode).

    STEP 2. Requires middleware source modification.

    1. Backup “…\ModusToolbox_1.0\libraries\psoc6sw-1.0\components\psoc6mw\ble\cy_ble_hal_pvt.c" file.
    2. Comment the following line (line#67 - initiating BLESS soft reset) in Cy_BLE_HAL_BlessStart() function of cy_ble_hal_pvt.c.