HX3PD Frequently Asked Questions – KBA226167

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    Translation - Japanese: HX3PDのよくある質問 – KBA226167 - Community Translated (JA)


    Question: What are the battery charging options supported in HX3PD?

    Answer: HX3PD supports the following charging options:

    • Power Delivery (PD 3.0): HX3PD supports two Power Delivery (PD) ports. Default firmware supports PD in US and DS1 ports. If you do not want PD in US port, it is possible to support PD in two DS ports with custom firmware.
    • BC 1.2 Charging: HX3PD supports Battery Charging (BC) 1.2 charging (including SDP, CDP, and DCP) in all seven DS ports. Default firmware supports BC 1.2 in DS2, DS3, DS4, and DS5. You can enable or disable BC 1.2 in all DS ports using the HX3PD Configuration Utility.
    • Apple Charging: HX3PD supports Apple 2.1A and 2.4A mode charging in all seven DS ports. Default firmware supports Apple charging in DS2, DS3, DS4, and DS5. You can enable or disable Apple charging in all DS ports using the HX3PD Configuration Utility.


    Question: Why does HX3PD need three different firmware or configuration?

    Answer: HX3PD has three MCUs controlling Hub Controllers, PD Controllers, and Dock Management Controllers (DMCs). Cypress provides a composite-image for firmware and configuration updates for all controllers together using the HX3PD Configuration Utility. There is no need to individually update the firmware and configuration for each controller, MCU, or both. It is possible to selectively update firmware and configuration of each controller; however, Cypress does not recommend this option.


    Question: What is Signed-Firmware update?

    Answer: Cypress DMC uses RSA-2048/SHA-256 signing to qualify firmware update to individual controllers in the dock system. Signed-Firmware update in supported in the CYUSB4357 part.


    Question: Does HX3PD support PHY configuration update?

    Answer: Cypress recommends using the default tested and optimized PHY configurations for SS and HS PHY. Currently, HX3PD does not support PHY configuration update.


    Question: Will HX3PD support both power-switch and poly-fuse modes?

    Answer: HX3PD supports both power-switch and poly-fuse modes. Default firmware uses power-switching mode. If you want to use poly-fuse mode, enable the corresponding field in the Hub Controller using the HX3PD Configuration Utility. The descriptor bPwrOn2PwrGood will be set to “0” for poly-fuse mode.


    Question: What is the recommended trace length for USB 3.1 Gen 2 in HX3PD?

    Answer: Cypress recommends a trace length of up to three inches for USB 3.1 Gen 2 signaling. A Gen-2 capable re-driver will be used for higher trace length designs.


    Question: Can HX3PD firmware and configuration be upgraded through USB?

    Answer: Cypress supports in-system programming through USB using DMC in HX3PD.


    Question: Will HX3PD work in Linux, Mac, and Windows operating systems?

    Answer: HX3PD is compliant with USB 3.1 Gen 2 specifications, and backward compatible with Gen-1 and USB 2.0 specifications. Hence, HX3PD will work with all USB hosts in operating systems.


    Question: Can SuperSpeed Plus (10 Gbps) port to be configured to work in SuperSpeed (5Gbps) only mode?

    Answer: There is no configuration to select the SuperSpeed (5Gbps) only option. Hub will check the device (Gen 1/Gen 2) capability during enumeration and will select the downstream speed accordingly.


    Question: Why does DS1 port have two over current pins (OCP_DET_P1 and OVCUR_P1)? Do both pins need to be connected?

    Answer: DS1 is a PD downstream port for HX3PD. This port has two over current pins OCP_DET_P1 going to PD controller and OVCUR_P1 going to hub controller. Both pins must be connected.