WiConnect Introduction



    Connect your device in no time flat using an ACKme Wi-Fi module and WiConnect - the reliable Wi-Fi networking application with user friendly serial commands.

    While an ACKme Wi-Fi module avoids the cost and complexities of RF board design, WiConnect similarly avoids the cost and complexity of Wi-Fi and networking software development. As an added bonus, WiConnect also includes the Sensors.com API providing integrated cloud connectivity for device remote control and sensing.

    WiConnect? Because ACKme makes it easy!

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    WiConnect to the cloud


    • Provides your host processor with a high-speed, low power wireless networking connection
    • Efficient API, enabling even the smallest microcontroller based designs to be Wi-Fi connected
    • Integrated Sensors.com commands provide your device with instant cloud connectivity
      for 'always connected' reporting and control
    • Come pre-installed on all ACKme Wi-Fi modules and solutions


    • Self-hosted network stack supports various network protocols including UDP, TCP, HTTP, DHCP client/server, SMTP
    • Industry standard SSL/TLS security for end-end secure TCP & HTTPS transactions
    • UART/SPI streaming & command modes for flexible, device friendly data transfer
    • Multi-megabit throughput for high-bandwidth applications
    • Configuration & setup options including UART, SPI, Wi-Fi softAP/webserver, WPS
    • Fully encrypted Over-the-Air (OTA) firmware upgrade capability
    • GPIO-controlled network connections enable basic push-button reporting
    • Peripheral API provides access to digital GPIOs and analog functions
    • Intelligent power management with programmable wakeup options


    • Environmental & Energy Monitoring
    • Wireless Sensing, remote data logging
    • HVAC, power, light & thermostat control
    • Appliance control
    • Security cameras
    • Door/window monitoring
    • Entry control and monitoring
    • Fitness equipment
    • Home health monitoring
    • Medical Devices
    • Audio
    • Toys
    • Robots

    Application Example

    Thermostat Application

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    To download the WiConnect product brief, Click here

    See the WiConnect Reference Guide Click Here




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