Target MCU for "S6E2C38H0AGV20000" in Flash USB Direct Programmer – KBA226075

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    Author: TakashiM_61           Version: **


    Translation - Japanese: フラッシュUSBダイレクトプログラマーの「S6E2C38H0AGV20000」のターゲットMCU – KBA226075 - Community Translated (JA)



    Which Target MCU can I set for S6E2C38H0AGV20000 in Flash USB Direct Programmer?


    There is no S6E2C38H0AGV20000 in the pull-down menu of Target MCU. So, select “S6E2CC8H0A/J0A/L0A” in the pull-down menu of “Target MCU” instead.