Increasing S6BP202A Rated Output Current under Low Input Voltage Condition – KBA226161

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    Translation - Japanese: 低入力電圧条件下でのS6BP202A定格出力電流の増加 – KBA226161 - Community Translated (JA)



    How can the rated output current of S6BP202A be increased under low input voltage condition?



    Lower the switching frequency to increase S6BP202A’s rated output current at low input voltage.

    Figure 1 shows the IVOUT vs VVIN graph for the default switching frequency of 2.1 MHz. For example, the rated output current is approximately 0.7 A when VVIN = 3.5V (Ta=+25°C).


    Figure 1. IVOUT vs VVIN Graph

    By setting the switching frequency to 200 kHz, the rated output current is increased to 1.2 A when VVIN = 3.5V (Ta=+25°C), as shown in Figure 2.


    Figure 2. IVOUT vs VVIN Graph

    To set the switching frequency to 200 kHz, use the following component values:

    • Setting Resistor (RT) = 270 kΩ
    • Inductor (L) = 22 μH (CLF12577NIT-220M-D)
    • Input Capacitor (CIN) = 10 μF
    • Select either of the option for Output Capacitor (COUT):


          Option 1



    Ceramic CGA6P1X7R1C226M250AC



    Option 2



    Polymer electrolytic HHXD160ARA151MF80G


    Ceramic CGA6P1X7R1C226M250AC



    See section 2.1.3 in AN99497 Designing a Power Management System with S6BP201A, S6BP202A, and S6BP203A for details on how to set the switching frequency.