PSoC Creator May Crash when Run Concurrently with Visual Studio on Windows 10 - KBA226098

Version 3

    Author: DheerajK_81          Version: **


    Translation - Japanese: Windows 10 で  Visual Studio と同時に使用したときに PSoC Creator がクラッシュする問題について - KBA226098 - Community Translated (JA)


    This article addresses PSoC® Creator™ crashes that have been reported when run alongside Visual Studio on Windows 10. The issue is unpredictable and not easily reproducible.

    PSoC Creator is built on Microsoft’s .NET Framework. These unexpected and inconsistent crashes are due to a Microsoft library “ucrtbase.dll” behaving erratically when Visual Studio is running in the background. A snippet of the stack trace is shown below:


    Unhandled exception at 0x76F691EB (ucrtbase.dll) in psoc_creator.exe: Fatal program exit requested.
        ucrtbase.dll!_abort‑() Unknown
        ucrtbase.dll!__purecall‑() Unknown
    > ucrtbase.dll!__crt_state_management::wrapped_invoke<int (__cdecl*)(void),int>() Unknown
        combase.dll!744c4ae3() Unknown
        [Frames below may be incorrect and/or missing, no symbols loaded for combase.dll]
        clr.dll!7381c2d0() Unknown
        ole32.dll!76e32131() Unknown
        clr.dll!7381c7f9() Unknown
        clr.dll!7381c44b() Unknown
        clr.dll!7381f09c() Unknown


    This issue is reported for the following software setup scenarios. No reports have been recorded on older Windows versions.

    • Windows 10
    • PSoC Creator version: 3.3/4.1/4.2
    • Visual Studio version: 2015/2017

    Some of the common scenarios where this issue may occur inconsistently are as follows:

    • When debugger is active on both IDEs
    • When large chunks of complex data (text/images) are copied to the clipboard
    • When PSoC Creator is running with the file being edited
    • When Visual Studio is used as a code sniffer
    • When there is repeated switching between the IDEs with something copied to the clipboard
    • When both the debuggers are used to debug the same application, for example, “using PSoC Creator 4.1 to debug a CY8C5868AXI-LP035 with a serial protocol designed for a windows PC. At the same time, using Visual Studio 2015 to debug the protocol with a Windows forms application


    Workaround: Cypress recommends that you use only one IDE at a time.


    Cypress is working with Microsoft towards addressing this issue. The solution will be notified here when available.