Cold Reset in FX3 - KBA225773

Version 3

    Author: SrinathS_16           Version: **


    Translation - Japanese: FX3のコールドリセット - KBA225773 - Community Translated (JA)



    How does the cold reset feature of FX3 work?



    FX3 cold reset switches the program control to the default ROM boot-loader at address 0xFFFF0000. This can be achieved using the CyU3PDeviceReset() API with the ‘isWarmReset’ parameter set to CyFalse.



    After a cold reset, the FX3 samples the PMODE lines and loads the firmware from the selected boot source.


    Note: When the I2C/SPI boot option is used, make sure that that cold reset is initiated only as part of a user command (for example, vendor command) and not as part of the normal firmware flow as it can cause repeated disconnect/re-connect of the device and failure in enumeration.