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    Are Cypress parallel NOR flash memory products CFI compliant?



    Yes. All Cypress parallel NOR flash memory products are CFI compliant.

    Common Flash Interface (CFI) is primarily used by Cypress parallel NOR flash, and by S25FL-P, S25FL-S, S25FS-S Serial NOR flash memory products only. The CFI field command query table is used to standardize characteristics of flash device and to define feature set differences between various NOR flash manufacturers.  Cypress supports the latest CFI version V1.5, and the legacy commands from the earlier CFI versions. The CFI address space is implemented into Cypress flash memory products and are read-only.


    It is important to highlight that the CFI field command query table only defines the information of the flash device, itself.  The CFI details the attributes of the flash memory device, such as, memory density, process technology node, sector architecture, device and manufacturers ID, data bus width, and so on.  Core voltage minimum and maximum ranges, and maximum ‘timeout’ specifications may also be included for reference.


    Although a NOR flash memory device may be CFI compliant, this is not to be confused with the term “drop-in replacement.” Confirmed pin- compatibility and electrical-compatibility qualify as direct “drop-in replacement.”  A CFI compliant flash device does not necessarily imply that the command set and feature set, and so on, are identical with other NOR flash manufacturers. Some CFI field command query definitions and command sets may not be supported or recognized by all other NOR flash manufacturers. Therefore, it is recommended to see the appropriate datasheet to determine the actual field command query definitions, and command set for the specific flash memory device.


    Example:  Unlock Bus Instruction/Command Cycles that may be common across all parallel NOR flash manufacturers:     

    Example:  Entry/Exit commands that are common across CFI compliant NOR flash devices:


    AN201168 - Common Flash Interface Version 1.4 Vendor Specific Extensions

    S29GL-T datasheet

    S29GL-S datasheet

    S29GL-P datasheet

    S25FL-P datasheet 

    S25FL-S datasheet

    S25FS-S datasheet