EZ-PD™ CCG2 60W Car Charger Reference Design SDK Project Using ON Semiconductor - KBA223230

Version 5

    Author: ShifangZ_26          Version: **


    Translation - Japanese: ON Semiconductorを使用したEZ-PD™CCG2 60W車載充電器リファレンスデザインSDKプロジェクト - KBA223230 - Community Translated (JA)



    Where can I get the CCG2 60W car charger ON Semiconductor Reference Design SDK project?



    You can download the CCG2-based SDK project for the 60W Car Charger Reference Design using On Semiconductor from the attached ZIP file CYPD2134-24LQXI_PA_NCP82139.zip.


    Additional information on the hardware related to this SDK project is available here.