Defect in Prot v1.20 Driver Cy_Prot_GetPpuProgStruct() Function – KBA225953

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    Author: SerhiyM_66           Version: **


    Translation - Japanese: Prot v1.20ドライバーの不具合Cy_Prot_GetPpuProgStruct()関数 – KBA225953 - Community Translated (JA)



    Why does the Cy_Prot_GetPpuProgStruct() function in the Prot v1.20 driver not  work as expected?

    Why does calling the Cy_Prot_GetPpuProgStruct() functions affect other protection settings?

    Are there side effects to using the Cy_Prot_GetPpuProgStruct() function?


    Answer: There is a defect in the PROT v1.20 driver and the implementation of the Cy_Prot_GetPpuProgStruct () function. This is due to faulty #defines. Using the Cy_Prot_GetPpuProgStruct() function may have unexpected results and can affect some of the other protection registers.

    There is no workaround for this problem. Do not use Cy_Prot_GetPpuProgStruct() function in your design. This will be fixed in the next version of the PDL library.