Reset Factor of PSC_1 Pin in Traveo™ S6J3200 MCU - KBA225721

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    Translation - Japanese: Traveo™S6J3200 MCUのPSC_1ピンのリセット要因 - KBA225721 - Community Translated (JA)



    What are the factors that cause low level voltage in PSC_1 pin?



    The following factors cause a low level voltage in PSC_1 pin:

    • Power-on reset
    • RAM retention low-voltage detection reset
    • Internal power supply low-voltage detection reset
    • External power supply low-voltage detection reset1
    • Extended internal power supply low-voltage detection reset
    • INITX
    • Illegal mode detection reset
    • Hardware watchdog reset
    • Power Domain reset 2


    1 This reset is activated by EXVRSTCNT=0 in the system special setting register (SYSC0_SPECFGR).


    For more details, see Chapter 4: Reset 3.2.3. Reset of External Power Supply Control for the signal EX12VRST in 32-Bit Microcontroller Traveo™ Family S6J32XX Series Hardware Manual Platform Part.