Writing Time to Flash Memory for 32-bit Access in Traveo CY9D560 Series MCUs – KBA225706

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    Translation - Japanese: Traveo CY9D560シリーズMCUの32ビットアクセス用のフラッシュメモリへの書き込み時間 –  KBA225706 - Community Translated (JA)



    What is the time to write to a flash memory with 32-bit access in Traveo CY9D560 series MCUs?



    The writing time with 32-bit access is "16-bit write time × 2 = 768 μs (MAX)". When ECC is enabled, add 288 μs (MAX) to 768 μs (MAX).



    The prefix MB of the product has been changed to CY. For instance, MB9D56X has been changed to CY9D56X.