Effect of RY/BY# Pin If Left Unconnected for Cypress Parallel NOR Flash Memory – KBA225657

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    Translation - Japanese: Cypress Parallel NOR Flash MemoryのRY/BY#端子を未接続(Open状態) にした際の影響について - KBA225657 - Community Translated (JA)



    Will RY/BY# pin on Cypress Parallel NOR Flash Memory cause any problem if left unconnected?



    No, there will not be any problem if RY/BY# pin is left unconnected. The RY/BY# is an open-drain output pin that indicates whether an embedded operation is in progress. The RY/BY# status is valid after the rising edge of the final WE# pulse in the command sequence. Because RY/BY# is an open-drain output, several RY/BY# pins can be tied together in parallel with a pull-up resistor to Vcc. This feature allows the host system to detect when data is ready to be read by simply monitoring the RY/BY# pin, which is a dedicated output.