Check Whether MiniProg3 is Working – KBA225380

Version 3

    Author: AnkitaS_51          Version: **


    Translation - Japanese: MiniProg3が機能しているかどうかを確認する– KBA225380 - Community Translated (JA)


    MiniProg3 has five indicator LEDs that, when lit, indicate the following:

    • Upper Left - Busy (Red): An operation (such as programming or debugging) is in progress.
    • Lower Left - Status (Green): The device is enumerated on the USB bus. When flashing, this LED indicates that MiniProg3 has received USB traffic.
    • Upper Right - Target Power (Red): MiniProg3 is supplying power to target connectors. This LED does not light up if power to target connectors is supplied by a source other than MiniProg3.
    • Lower Right - Aux (Yellow):
    • Middle - No Label (Yellow):


    Figure 1. Top view of MiniProg3

    If none of the above LEDs are glowing after MiniProg3 has been connected to a USB port, then it indicates that MiniProg3 may have been damaged.

    See the MiniProg3 User Guide: