Additional Features in PSoC 4100PS Device - KBA223559

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    Translation - Japanese: PSoC® 4100PS デバイスの追加機能について - KBA223559 - Community Translated (JA)



    What are the additional features available in a PSoC® 4100PS device?



    PSoC 4100PS is a member of the PSoC 4100 family with additional analog features.


    Table 1 compares the new analog features of PSoC 4100PS with the other PSoC 4100 family devices.


    Table 1. Comparison of Analog Features

    PSoC 4100PS

    Other PSoC 4100 Family Devices

    Two 13-bit VDAC


    One 12-bit, 1- MSPS Scanning SAR ADC

    One 12-bit, 1- MSPS SAR ADC

    Four programmable opamps/PGAs

    Two programmable opamps

    Four channels of Programmable Voltage Reference (PVref)


    Contains flexible analog routing

    Contains limited analog routing


    Note: PSoC 4100PS also has eight channels of DMA; the only other device in PSoC 4100 family to include this feature is PSoC 4100S Plus.


    Following are the code examples available for PSoC 4100PS: