S6BT112A CXPI Transceiver: RXD and BUS Pin State at Low-Voltage Reset - KBA224571

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    Translation - Japanese: S6BT112A CXPIトランシーバー:低電圧リセット時のRXDおよびBUSピンの状態 - KBA224571 - Community Translated (JA)



    What is the state of RXD and BUS pins during a low-voltage reset?



    The  RXD and the BUS pins are in High-Z state in a low-voltage reset. Therefore, the output stage is disabled and communication to the CXPI BUS is not possible. After releasing the low-voltage reset, a HIGH is output to the BUS pin after a clock input of 33 periods. For details, refer to the "Low-voltage Reset" chapter in the datasheet from the following link.