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    How can the Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) data rate between two BLE devices be increased?



    Generally, the BLE data rate is related to the ATT_MTU, Connection interval, Link layer payload (BLE4.2: LL_Payload=251), BLE physical data rate (BLE 5.0 supports 2 Mbps). To raise the BLE data rate, try to optimize the four parameters.

    For BLE 5.0, 2M PHY is supported compared to 1 Mbps of BLE 4.2 The theoretical application data rate achieved for BLE 5.0 is approximately 1.4 Mbps.

    For BLE 4.2, the link layer payload is up to 251 bytes compared to 27 bytes for BLE 4.1. The theoretical application data rate achieved for BLE 4.2 is approximately 800 kbps.

    The theoretical application data rate for BLE 4.1 is approximately 300 Kbps.

    BLE communication requires the cooperation of both the client and server. If the BLE device is connected to a phone, due to the phone’s connection interval, ATT_MTU size, and phone’s OS limitation, the actual data rate should be lower than the theoretical value. To increase the data rate, firstly set the value of ATT_MTU (from 23 to 512) high in both server and client side, for instance 512. Secondly, set the suitable connection interval; generally, the minimum connection interval may get a higher data rate for the phone connection. Thirdly, if both client and server support BLE 4.2 and LE 2M PHY, set the link layer payload to 251 bytes and use 2M PHY.

    This discussion might be helpful for link layer data details.