Traveo™ S6J3110/3120/3400 MCUs: Partial Wakeup Trigger Signal Not Generated - KBA223671

Version 4

    Author: kotaroh_86         Version: **



    In Traveo™ S6J3110/3120/3400 MCUs, why is the Partial Wakeup Trigger (PWUTRG) signal not generated in partial wakeup mode?



    This may happen if the PWU_PWUC register, which is set after power on, is cleared by events such as software reset or hard reset except for a power-on reset. Check the register setting and ensure that the register is set correctly even when a reset other than the power domain reset (*1) is applied. For details of the related register, see the registers of the RESET chapter in the Technical Reference Manual from the following link.



    *1: Power domain reset factor from Partial Wakeup mode is different for different products.
              S6J3110/3120: Power Domain 2 / 3 / 6_0 reset
              S6J3400: Power Domain 2 reset