Updating FX3 EEPROM Firmware without Bootloader - KBA224161

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    Translation - Japanese: ブートローダーなしのFX3 EEPROMファームウェアの更新 - KBA224161 - Community Translated (JA)



    How can I update FX3 EEPROM firmware without jumping to the bootloader mode?



    Whenever FX3 comes out of RESET, the PMODE lines are sampled and the boot mode is chosen according to the PMODE line settings. To choose EEPROM load, use either of the following PMODE line settings:


    PMODE[2:0] = Z1Z              -                       I2C → USB (I2C boot with USB fallback)

    PMODE[2:0] = 1ZZ              -                       I2C (I2C boot)

    To update the firmware present in the EEPROM, the I2C functionality should have to be enabled in the EEPROM firmware. The IO matrix should be configured to enable the I2C block.

    The CY_FX_RQT_I2C_EEPROM_WRITE vendor command that comes as part of the UsbI2cDmaMode example project in the FX3 SDK can be used along with the Cypress USB Control Center to write the IMG file onto the EEPROM. Upon RESET, the device boots up with the EEPROM firmware image that has been modified.