How to Monitor Current Consumption on Traveo™ S6J3360/3370/3510 Series MCUs Evaluation Board – KBA219854

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    Translation - Japanese: Traveo™ S6J3360/3370/3510シリーズMCU評価ボードで消費電流の監視方法 – KBA219854- Community Translated (JA)



    Can I monitor the current consumption of S6J3360/3370/3510 series MCU on Cypress’ evaluation board?



    You can measure the current consumption as shown in the following diagrams.

    Remove the corresponding jack, and then connect an ammeter.

                   VCC5: J1

                   DVCC: J2

                   VCC53_1: J3

                   VCC53_2: J4








    Note: Cypress provides a wealth of evaluation boards and sample software to help you get started with Traveo. To evaluate the S6J3360/S6J3370 series evaluation boards, contact your sales representative or Cypress Technical Support.