Broadcom Community Website Gamification Terms and Conditions

The Broadcom Community Website Gamification effort is designed to reward participation in the Broadcom support communities.  The effort was designed to create a vibrant social presence which leverages a broad base of customers and channel support personnel to supplement the support of Broadcom’s Mass Market platforms.  Upon completion of a defined set of missions which will be identified each quarter, winners will receive a $50 gift certificate from Broadcom to reflect their efforts.


By participating in this community, you agree to these Terms and Conditions.  If you do not agree to the Terms and Conditions, please do not participate in the Community Website Gamification effort.


Please note that the program is not intended to influence purchasing decisions in any manner and is focused solely on encouraging community participation and enhancement of broad market product support.


Participants must be at least 18 years old at the time they start accumulating points from missions.


Each individual participating in the community is permitted to receive gift certificates (and/or other rewards) from Broadcom with an annual maximum aggregate value of $200.00, or such other value that Broadcom in its sole discretion may set from time to time.


Broadcom in its sole discretion may (i.) discontinue giving gift certificates and/or other rewards at any time for any reason and without notice and (ii.) determine the criteria for giving out gift certificates and/or other rewards.


Employees of any government agency or institution (including a public university), as well as persons on the U.S. Government Department of Treasury’s Specially Designated Nationals List, are not eligible to receive rewards.


Employees of Broadcom Corporation or any of its affiliates or subsidiaries (as well as their immediate family members) are encouraged to participate in the community and establish themselves as subject matter experts, but they are not eligible to receive rewards for their completion of the defined missions.


By participating in the community, you grant a full and final release and discharge to Broadcom Corporation, its subsidiaries, affiliated companies, agents, advertising and promotion agencies and their respective shareholders, directors, officers, employees, representatives, agents and assigns from any and all claims, demands, damages, liabilities, actions or causes of action whatsoever that you have or may have arising out of or in any way related to this reward and/or use of the reward.