S6BT112A CXPI Transceiver: UART Clock and CXPI Communication Bus Clock - KBA223644

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    Translation - Japanese: S6BT112A CXPIトランシーバー:UARTクロックとCXPI通信バスクロック - KBA223644 - Community Translated (JA)



    When using the CXPI Transceiver in master node, do I need to synchronize the input clock with the UART baud rate?



    No. It is not necessary to synchronize the input clock and the UART baud rate.


    When an MCU (for example, Traveo family MCU) is used, the PWM output or PPG output built in the MCU can be used for the input clock of the CXPI Transceiver. An example of the connection is shown below.