Traveo™ S6J3200 MCU: I/O Power Shutdown in PSS Mode - KBA223670

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    Translation - Japanese: Traveo™ S6J3200 MCU: PSSモードでのI/Oパワーシャットダウン - KBA223670 - Community Translated (JA)



    Can the I/O power supply be shut down in the Power-Saving State (PSS) even though I/O control is in the Always-ON power domain 1 (PD1)?



    The wakeup function in the Traveo S6J3200 MCU is located in PD1. You cannot shut down the power supply for PD1 if you want to wake up the MCU from PSS mode using a wakeup trigger. To eliminate leakage current from all ports in the PSS mode, set the SYSC0_SPECFGR.PSSPADCTRL register bit. This is the PSS time port configuration bit, which sets Hi-Z control of I/O in PSS mode.