PSoC Creator 4.2 Export – Null Argument Error While Exporting a PSoC 4/5 Project from PSoC Creator to Eclipse – KBA222992

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    Translation - Japanese: PSoC 4/5 プロジェクトを PSoC Creator から Eclipse へエクスポート時の Null Argument Error について  - KBA222992 - Community Translated (JA)



    Why do I see a null argument error when I export a PSoC® Creator™ project to Eclipse?



    This error has been observed when trying to export a PSoC 4/5 project from PSoC Creator to a version of Eclipse that has the Arm® CMSIS Pack plug-in installed. This only occurs for PSoC 4/5 projects when trying to export to any version of Eclipse that has the Arm CMSIS pack plugin installed.

    Note that the Arm CMSIS Pack plugin is not required to export a PSoC 4/5 project. The Arm CMSIS pack plugin adds variables into the Eclipse path variable manager, which is shared across different plugins in Eclipse. This interferes with the PSoC Creator Eclipse import plugin causing it to fail with a null argument error while it is trying to construct file paths.

    As a work around, create the Eclipse project in a fresh install of Eclipse with only the PSoC Creator Eclipse Import plugin.