Side Effects of Program Execution Using External Memory in Traveo™ S6J3200 MCU - KBA223673

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    Translation - Japanese: Traveo™ S6J3200 MCUの外部メモリを使用したプロフラム実行の副作用 - KBA223673 - Community Translated (JA)



    Is it possible to use HyperFlash™ as a memory extension for code execution for the external HyperBus™ interface of S6J3200?



    Cypress recommends the use of TCM Flash Memory (TCFLASH) for high system performance. Generally, it is possible to use HyperFlash for code execution, but the performance is limited by the Arm® core bus structure. One of the reasons for limiting performance is that the DMAC or 2D Graphics Controller can also access HyperBus and this access disturbs the core access. Another issue is the external code located in the HyperFlash is not secure and can be modified by hacker attacks.