EOC interrupt of PSoC 4100S SAR ADC – KBA223608

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    Translation - Japanese: PSoC 4100S SAR ADCの変換終了割り込み– KBA223608- Community Translated (JA)



    When I connect an interrupt Component to the end of conversion (eoc) output of the of PSoC® 4100S SAR ADC, errors occur as shown in Fig 1. How to solve the issue? Error messages are:

    Error: plm.M0046: E2806: Failed to place fixed-function blocks. See the report file for details.

    Error: plm.M0046: "C:\Program Files (x86)\Cypress\PSoC Creator\4.2\PSoC Creator\bin/sjplacer.exe" failed (0xFFFFFFFF)


    Some digital Components and routines in PSoC 4100S are different from those of PSoC 4100/4200. For example, eoc of the PSoC 4100S SAR ADC is unable to connect to an interrupt Component directly. If an interrupt at the end of conversion is required, use a Digital Pin Component, connect the eoc output to the digital pin, and use the pin’s interrupt. Refer to CE210558 to know about how to use GPIO interrupt. For more details, log in community.cypress.com, or contact Cypress Tech Support team.


    CE210558 - PSoC® 4 GPIO Interrupt

    PSoC 4 Sequencing Successive Approximation ADC (ADC_SAR_Seq)