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    Translation - Japanese: WICED StudioでのThreadXキューの使用について– KBA223311 - Community Translated (JA)



    In WICED® Studio, how is the Queue Buffer updated when a queue message is pushed into a queue?



    The Queue Buffer runs in a circular fashion, based on the FIFO rule.

    Figure 1 illustrates the ThreadX queue workflow:

    • The main thread initializes the queue.
    • A sub-thread is created in the main thread.
    • INT occurs once the registered key is pushed, INT is triggered, and value is pushed into queue.
    • After the queue value is pushed the sub-thread wakes up, and execute the user application.
    • The user application is added to the sub-thread, which uses the message transferred from the INT.

    Figure 1


    Figure 2 illustrates the queue methodology:

    • The Queue Size is 4 with each queue member having a size of 4 bytes.
    • Figure 2

    Figure 2


    For detailed information on Threadx, see the ThreadX user guide in the WICED Studio installation directory. For example, if WICED Studio 6.1 is installed, the directory path is WICED-Studio-6.1/43xxx_Wi-Fi/WICED/RTOS/ThreadX/ver5.8/docs/ThreadX_User_Guide.pdf.