HyperBus Interface Channel Selection – KBA223297

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    Translation - Japanese: ハイパーバスインターフェースチャネル選択 - KBA223297 - Community Translated (JA)


    Question: In the S6J3200 SampleSW hyperbusi example, why is the HyperBus interface ch.0 type (HYPERBUSI0_Type) used for the GPOR register configuration when selecting ch.1?

    Answer: HyerBus interface ch.0 (for MCU) and ch.1 (for Graphic) are assigned to the same GPIO pins. To select ch.0 or ch.1, the GPO bit of the HYPERBUSIn_GPOR register should be configured and only the HYPERBUSIn_GPOR register in HyperBus ch.0 is used. When you select HyperBus interface ch.1, the example uses HYPERBUSI0_Type to configure the GPOR register.

    The bit and function for channel selection are as follows:




    Select HyperBus Interface Ch. 0


    Select HyperBus Interface Ch. 1


    • GPO[1] in HYPERBUSIn_GPOR of HyperBus Interface Ch. 0 is not used.
    • GPO[1:0] in HYPERBUSIn_GPOR of HyperBus Interface Ch. 1, Ch.2 are not used.
    • If HyperBus Interface Ch.2 is used, the configuration of the GPO bit is unnecessary.


    1. Example.

                //Config HyperBus Ch.1

                Hyperbusi_Init(HYPERBUSI1_Type, &HyperbusiConf);

                Hyperbusi_SetGPOutput(HYPERBUSI0_Type, HyperbusiLowPolarity, HyperbusiHighPolarity);


    For more information about the HyperBus Interface, refer to the S6J3200 Hardware Manual.