PSoC Creator: Link Step Skipped when Building a Project on FAT File System Variants – KBA222526

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Why is my build reported as successful but the link step skipped while building a project on a FAT file system?



The PSoC® Creator™ build system relies upon file creation/modification timestamps to determine the steps of the build process that need to be executed. In a FAT file system, timestamps have a granularity of 2 s or 10 ms (depending upon the FAT file system variant). Both of these are too long to avoid a situation where the newly re-compiled object files are perceived by PSoC Creator to have their old build times. This results in the build system skipping the link step but still reporting a successful build.


Because of this, two things may happen if you modify the project and then build the project:


  1. During the link step of the build process, the output window shows “The link step is up to date, no work needs to be done.”
  2. The firmware does not exhibit the behavior corresponding to the modifications that you made.


This behavior occurs with new and existing PSoC Creator projects.


As a workaround, use the rebuild functionality in PSoC Creator to build the project.