Debugger in PSoC Creator takes Time to Update  Values of Large Arrays - KBA223288

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    Translation - Japanese: PSoC Creatorのデバッガで大きな配列の値を更新するのに時間がかかる - KBA223288 - Community Translated (JA)



    Debugger in PSoC Creator™ takes time to update the values of large array during a debug session. How can this issue be resolved?



    If there are relatively large arrays, for example a 512 x 4-byte array, it is time consuming to update the value of these variables. This causes a delay in debugging in the debugger Locals window. The delay is caused by GDB, the GNU Project debugger (used in PSoC Creator) that reads one element at a time in case of large arrays.



    Workaround: Moving the arrays to another scope (such as global variables) will prevent the array elements from being displayed in the Locals window during debugging.