Emulated EEPROM v2.0 Support in PSoC Creator – KBA223299

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    Translation - Japanese: PSoC CreatorでのエミュレートされたEEPROM v2.0のサポート– KBA223299 - Community Translated (JA)



    Which version of PSoC Creator™ supports Emulated EEPROM v2.0?



    Emulated EEPROM v2.0 is available from PSoC Creator 4.2. This is an improved version of emulated EEPROM that matches the industry norms for emulated EEPROMs and includes features such as wear leveling and redundant data copies.


    Emulated EEPROM v2.0 is not supported in PSoC Creator 4.1 as it depends on PDL 3.0.1 which is released only with PSoC Creator 4.2.