TCFlash 64-bit Write Issue in Traveo – KBA223308

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    Translation - Japanese: タイトル:TraveoのTCFlash 64-ビット書込み問題 – KBA223308- Community Translated (JA)



    Some data bits are incorrect when writing to TCFlash using 64-bit TCFlash Write API (Tcflash_Write64()). How to solve this issue?



    When TCFlash ECC is enabled, 64-bit word writing to TCFlash in one time is not allowed. It is recommended to disable TCFlash ECC or use 32-bit TCFlash Write API (Tcflash_Write32()). Note that continuous 64-bit data must be written to TCFlash to generate the correct ECC.Following is an example to use 32-bit TCFlash write API to program TCFlash.

    // Write Sector 10

    Tcflash_Write32(0x01A10000, 0x12345678, TRUE);

    Tcflash_Write32(0x01A10004, 0x01A10004, TRUE);      


    For more information about TCFlash erase and program, refer to AN212061 - Programming and Erasing Flash Memory by User Program for Traveo™ Family.