Emulator Debug Failure of SOFTUNE Workbench - KBA223060

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    Translation - Japanese: SOFTUNEワークベンチのエミュレータデバッグ失敗 - KBA223060 - Community Translated (JA)



    When I select Start debug from the debug menu of SOFTUNE Workbench using MB2100-01A-E Single Port Embedded Emulator Debugger SPEED-BOX, SOFTUNE stops abruptly. How can I prevent the problem?


    Answer: To troubleshoot:

    1.  Check USB driver version 
        Make sure that the version of USB driver installed is same as the version stored in the SOFTUNE install folder. If there is a mismatch in versions (include later version),  the debug activation will stop abruptly.

        How to check the version:

              1. Access the Device Manager.
              2. Right-click WinDriver and select Properties.
              3. In the WinDriver Properties dialog, go to the Driver tab.
              4. Check the Driver Version.
              5. Click Driver Details and note down the File version in the Driver File Details dialog
              6. Similarly, right-click MB2100-01 and note the Driver Version and File version from the MB2100-01 Properties dialog and Driver File Details dialog, respectively.
              7. Check if these versions are the same as the version stored in the SOFTUNE install folder.


              Note: If there is a mismatch, restore the versions.


              See Figure 1 and Figure 2 for details


              Figure 1. Checking Driver and File Version for WinDriver
              Figure 2. Checking Driver and File Version for MB2100-01A-E USB Driver
              To restore the version:
                  1. Uninstall both USB drivers by either of the following method:
                              Execute drv_uninstall.bat on the installed SOFTUNE's Drivers folder.
                              Right-click WinDriver from the Device Manager and select Uninstall
                  2. Execute drv_install.bat on the installed SOFTUNE's Drivers folder


    2. Check the installed path
        Make sure that the installation path has only alphanumeric characters. If the path contains double-byte character or specific language characters (for example, half-width katakana), the emulator debug activation will fail.