Project Does Not Compile After Updating PSoC Creator 4.2 – KBA223207

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    Translation - Japanese: PSoC  Creator 4.2 にアップデート後プロジェクトがコンパイルできません - KBA223207 - Community Translated (JA)



    Why does my project not compile after updating PSoC Creator 4.2?



    If you have an earlier version of PSoC Creator 4.2 installed (from the Beta community, for example), and you update your PSoC Creator installation to the production release version through the Cypress Update Manager, due to a problem with the Cypress Update Manager, the PDL 3.0.1 is not updated to the latest build. The released version of PSoC Creator 4.2 is incompatible with earlier versions of PDL 3.0.1 causing projects to break.



    1. Go to the PDL product page, scroll down to the Related Files section, and click "Download PDL 3.0.1 Complete Setup.exe". Run the installer to update your PDL.


    2. Uninstall and reinstall PSoC Creator 4.2 using the setup from the PSoC Creator downloads page.


    Clean/Rebuild the project after installing the new PDL 3.0.1 version for PSoC Creator to pull in the new PDL files.